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who we are

bvmpartners is an experienced multi-disciplined partner for management and equity investors. By deploying our deep domain knowledge, we help increase return on your investment faster and more reliable. Our areas of expertise include:

  • water
  • cleantech
  • specialty chemicals
  • industrial services


We focus on creating sustainable value through cooperation between investors, business owners and business management. The team of bvmpartners brings decades of collective experience in asset management, business and operational leadership as well as M&A management.


bvmpartners operates in Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America and Asia.


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what we do

Increasingly high inflow of capital into water, cleantech, specialty chemicals and industrial services markets will continue to lead to new entrants, new technologies and new product-market combinations. However, only a few of the past investments in these segments have actually led to real ROI and market share gain. By successfully adapting differentiating strategies, bvmpartners will help change that. In our work strong emphasis is put on

  • analyzing and considering all market dynamics
  • assessing and overcoming resistance to change
  • utilizing multiple channels to market
  • understanding existing value creation models and developing effective strategies accordingly


In today’s business world, long term successful M&A will increasingly depend on effective post merger integration and operations. Based on broad and deep operational experience bvmpartners takes PMI as an integral part of the full M&A process.


In the middle market, where business size, heritage culture and customer proximity play specific roles, the M&A process is a lot more complex and challenging than typically assumed. The transaction costs and speed should also be kept in line with the size and the associated risks of the business to be acquired.


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